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Dining, shopping and nightlife

Dining, shopping and nightlife

  1. We read it time and again, hear about it from many people and have to acknowledge it for ourselves: Upload a photograph to the internet and there it is likely to stay, and/or be shared, for all of time,...

    Photo Credit: Elkhan Pitman/Museum of Selfies
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  2. You may think that a trip to Alaska will make for a cold summer vacation, but the state’s largest city offers a range of different activities for tourists to enjoy. Here are five reasons why you should consider...

    Photo Credit: Blue Poppy/Getty Images

  3. Social media influencers don’t just find their photo backdrops anywhere. That’s why Vicky Segar has designed an apartment for these internet-famous stars to promote their brands, and their lifestyles. The...

    Photo Credit: NBC

  4. The Summer Solstice is upon us, which means numerous ways to celebrate the first day of the astronomical season with money-saving deals.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  5. Spirit-free beverages are rising in popularity. So-called "sober curious" individuals are putting down the shot glasses and saying no to hangovers and impairment. People still want to have a good time.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

  6. If you are feeling stressed this summer, meditation can be an effective and easy way to alleviate the pressure. The practice does not require a strenuous amount of physical activity, and it can be done...

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  7. You don't have to choose between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a drink. You can do both! Diana Kuen, vice president of Blue Ice Vodka shares her recipes for healthy cocktails that are low...

    Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

  8. Before you head to the beach, take a stroll through the park or hike in the forest this summer, be sure to apply sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We know that when it comes...

    Photo Credit: Picture Alliance via Getty Image

  9. It's New England Vacation Week and we're exploring the best summer destinations the region has to offer. Here are some awesome ways to enjoy the summer on the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast.

    Photo Credit: necn

  10. If you’re thinking about traveling this summer for your vacations, consider this: Ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular among travelers lately. You might want to try it, too. You may be wondering...

    Photo Credit: NBC

  11. Have you ever grilled lettuce? If not, you should. Unknown to most, lettuce has a very dense interior, making it perfect for grilling at a bar-b-que with your neighbors and friends. So just put lettuce on the...

    Photo Credit: NBC

  12. When most people think about cooking bread, they head to the toaster, panini machine or oven. But, have you ever thought about how good your bread would taste if you tried grilling it? "Bread is fantastic...

    Photo Credit: NBC

  13. This summer is your chance to master the grill and Nathan Peitso, chef and owner of Farmhouse Los Angeles, teaches you how you can do it when grilling those salmon filets. Here are some tips from Peitso to cook...

    Photo Credit: NBC

  14. The Grand Canyon is celebrating its 100th anniversary of being named a national park this year, and to mark the occasion, it will continue to provide extraordinary experiences in nature as it always has.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  15. If you are looking to book a vacation to kick off the summer, Vermont’s Woodstock Inn and Resort has something for everyone. The 142 room resort, which started as a tavern more than 200 years ago, offers...

    Photo Credit: LightRocket via Getty Images

  16. There's no way to make going through a divorce easy emotionally. There are, however, ways to make the financial and logistical burden involved go more smoothly. Attorney Loni Coombs has some tips for helping to...

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  17. The Hearst Castle on California's central coast is worth the trip.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  18. The landmarks' Neptune and Roman Pools will open on select 2019 nights to a limited number of 'Foundation At Hearst Castle' members.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  19. Making time to exercise is not easy when you’re balancing work and a social life. Once you consider sweating, feeling sore, and running out of breath, working out may look less appealing.

    Photo Credit: Emilija Manevska/Getty Images

  20. The Golden State Warriors may have lost this year’s NBA Finals, but they did win all of the U.S. and Canada free tacos this Tuesday. When the Warriors won Game 2 against future-champions Toronto Raptors...

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

  21. In a dimly lit basement room on Fisherman's Wharf, well-fed rats are scurrying around, their hairless tails trailing behind them as they pick up and eat individual pieces of breakfast cereal and glance...

    Photo Credit: Jonathan Bloom
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  22. Nathan Peitso, chef and owner of Farmhouse Los Angeles, teaches you how to grill lettuce for your next summer barbecue.

  23. Courtney from Cake by Courtney is back! Today she shows us how to make her Rainbow Sherbet cake, which is guaranteed to cheer anyone up. It's a tender yellow cake layered with raspberry lime curd and...

    Photo Credit: cakebycourtney.com

  24. A lucky few will be able to live the adventures of Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne's classic "Around the World in 80 Days." Hosted by Airbnb, a small number of guests will travel across 16 countries using...

    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

  25. George Oliphant, host of home renovation show "George to the Rescue," received a letter from three sisters seeking help for their dad, whose Parkinson's diagnosis was making it difficult for him to live at home....

    Photo Credit: George to the Rescue