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The Jared Dillian Show

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A financial mind like no other, Jared Dillian is one of the industry’s most original, entertaining, contrarian voices. He is a master of human psychology, a skill he has honed over a 20+ year career.

Jared first started on Wall Street… then began writing financial newsletters which quickly gained a cult following (and are now read by thousands of people worldwide)… and now, he’s the straight-talking voice you need to get your personal finances into shape… for good.

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Weekdays, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM on WCGO AM1590/FM95.9

And..via internet, live streaming, on-demand podcasts and satellite's WW1 XDS platform through the SmartTalk Radio Network.  Contact Envision Networks to find out how to hear Jared's show in your market!