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The Hard Lens Media Show features local host Daniel Luepker, who is changing Chicago and Cook County, along with featuring local and national stories with a perspective that fights for working people. With co-host Kit Cabello, the Hard Lens Media Show airs every Sunday afternoon at 4pm on 1590 WCGO.  

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Daniel Luepker is the CEO and COO of Hard Lens Media. Daniel also works as a cameraman, editor, marketer, and radio personality for the company. Before starting Hard Lens Media, Daniel was a member of Wolf-PAC Illinois which successfully passed an Article 5 amendment calling for the end of money in politics via a constitutional convention. He also joined College Works Painting where he outsold over 3000 of his competitors during a two-month period.  After experimenting with another media startup, Daniel co-founded Hard Lens Media. 

Kit Cabello

Co-host Kit Cabello Co-Founder/VP and Communications, is a native resident of the Chicago and served two tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in the United States Marine Corps. After serving faithfully for four years he was honorably discharged and decided to further his education at Northeastern Illinois University. He graduated Cum Laude, became a member of the political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha, majored in Political Science and minored in News Media and Communications. Throughout his five years attending Northeastern Illinois University Kit formulated the belief that a well-informed populace that understands its political system and a free independent media is necessary for a functioning Republic. Kit also stands against money in politics; namely, the disastrous Supreme Court ruling Citizen’s United. In 2014 Kit and a team of political organizers from Wolf-PAC helped pass a resolution (SJR-42) calling to get money out of politics in the Illinois State House and Senate. This action also resulted in Illinois also being recognized by Congress as the first state calling for an Article 5 convention.

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