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Real Estate Expert Online Radio Show

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Real estate expert online radio is all about you, the new - beginner - novice real estate investor. This show is designed to keep you safe and help you achieve financial gains through real estate investing. We focus on your success vs how many fancy mansions, expensive cars and private jet flights we have or take! You do not care about that kind of showboating, you only care about getting expert strategies from us that will help YOU buy those things!
Now every week you can hear all about the latest roadblocks and methods to get over them. You get 25 plus years of investing strategies that WORK! No fly by night, here one day gone the next, rip off report gurus, just real methods, tools, strategies, and systems to help YOU achieve your dreams of investing in real estate and making it pay for you!  Now let’s get you going on the mission to create a wealthy future!
Our company motto is 
“Leave no investor behind”
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 Cliff Gager
  • 18 Years as a Real Estate Investing Mentor
  • Bought, Fixed, and Sold 100’s of Single Family Residences
  • Helped 1,000’s of People Learn to Make Money In Real Estate Quickly and Easily
  • 25 Years Experience in Real Estate Investing and Lending Business


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Lawrence Jacobsen
  • Business Advisor; Director, Twain Consulting
  • Extensive Background in Business Planning & Structuring, Estate Planning & Trusts, Civil & Criminal Litigation, Bankruptcy
  • 11 Years Experience Representing Fortune 100 Clients in Administrative Courts of Law
  • Specialization in Tax Deeds & Tax Lien Investing