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The Franklin Raff PMD Radio Show

Franklin Raff.  International man of mystery.  Multilingual.  Nobody really knows where he lives.  Like the wind....he comes, he goes.  But he stops long enough to appear each weekday afternoon on 1590 WCGO for a one-hour dose incorporating global headlines, satire and his refreshing take on all things Earth...sometimes Universe.  If Robert Frost were still alive, no doubt he'd have written a more famous poem called "Breeze".    

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Franklin Raff is a humorist with a sharp global perspective gained from actually having travelled and lived "there".  One can only surmise what line of work he might have been in while living there.  But each weekday afternoon at 4:00PM, he will inform, inspire, infuriate and delight.  You will see him on television from time to time on you

r various "thinker's" news channels.  In English, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, French or Farsi.  In the end, youi'll come to know that Franklin Raff is curiouser and curiouser...always digging, reading, thinking, learning and musing.  Spend the 4:00 hour with him each weekday...push yourself to learn and be learned.  


Weekdays at 4:00PM only on 1590 WCGO, Chicago's SmartTalk...

...and in national syndication through the GAB Radio Network