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The Citizen Kelly Show


Make Radio Great Again!   

Citizen Kelly is on a mission to not only make radio great again, but to do so with honor, hard-hitting truth and sensible solutions to the problems that face America today.  As a political truth seeker and street activist, Citizen Kelly has firsthand experience of the perilous America's political battlefield.

William J, Kelly (AKA Citizen Kelly) is an American producer, television and radio host, commentator, humorist, media strategist and critic.  He is the founder of RevDigital, an Emmy award-winning TV and documentary production house.  Kelly is a columnist for Newsmax and frequent contributor to Huffington Post, The Washington Times, American Spectator and others.  

Listeners can tune into The Citizen Kelly Shows national radio show each weekday from 11:00PM to 1:00AM, while programmers can contact WCGO for syndication opportunities.  

Weekdays 11:00PM to 1:00AM


Available via terrestrial, internet, live streaming, on-demand podcasts and satellite's WW1 XDS platform through the GAB Radio Network.

Podcast: The Citizen Kelly Show

  • The Citizen Kelly Show

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