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The Kate Dalley Show


Truth. Compassion. America. Family. Justice. Fairness. Freedom.  

Kate Dalley embodies those most important characteristics and, in a refreshingly unique way, is able to translate those core human components into simple, meaningful dialog available only on The Kate Dalley Show.  

Kate is Talk Radio's up-and-comer, bringing a rare blend of intelligence, common sense and truth.  A perfect compliment to WCGO's SmartTalk family of programs, The Kate Dalley Show demonstrates that long hours analyzing the nation's key issues provides us all a great perspective on their impact of American life.      

Heralded by television and radio content developers as "the next real deal", one listen will hook you.  Listeners can tune into Kate's national radio show each weekday for a smart and common sense balance to their daily information outlets, while programmers can contact WCGO for syndication opportunities.  


Weekdays, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 

Available via terrestrial, internet, live streaming, on-demand podcasts and satellite's WW1 XDS platform through the GAB Radio Network.